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I think we need to see Maura in Jane’s clothes again.

except this time she goes over to jane’s apartment to babysit for her and tommy and one of the kids gets their dinner on her dress so she changes into one of jane’s baseball jerseys because it’s the…


Frozen is the new Black

I’ve completely lost it.


Someone explain to me what “Qualified Spend Budget” is.


Because if R&I has a budget of over $ 44 million, even if that is total over all seasons, they can do a bloody snow episode, lol.

Also, Credit allocation has something to do with them getting it back, only if they start production before end of 2014. 

Producers must start production by the end of 2014 or the funds will be allocated to other projects on a waiting list.

My take away from this is that Rizzoli & Isles manages to spend more than Pretty Little Liars. How many episodes does PLL do in a season? Compared to the R&I average of 15 episodes, I’m under the impression that PLL has more than 15 episodes in a season. And four leads. So with a budget of $44M, that brings the cost of an R&I episode to around $3M. Damn, got to stretch that budget. granted that those leads may not cost as much as Sasha and Angie. R&I still has enough wiggle room to

Are you using our this pregnancy to satisfy one of your impulse buys?

Nope. Maura’s seizing this opportunity to make Jane her bitch.

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