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Jesse Eisenberg is apparently not a fan of Post-Its

He has also written a play about a college kid burdened with white guilt. In the second act, his character works on a major piece of work and part of the process has him sticking post its on the walls. The interviewer asks him if that is also a thing of his: 

No, it’s a writer tic that I’ve noticed other people have. I had seen that kind of thing for screenwriters who are not produced. So instead of being produced and working, they had these very kind of visible and ostentatious systems in their house, like colored Post-its for when the bomb blows up and pink Post-its for the romance. To me, it seems like kind of an ostentatious way to show other people that you’re working if your movies are not being made. I thought this is something the character would do: create this elaborate system of Post-its because this is the first serious job he’s ever had to do.

If you have ever been to my office like maybe five years back, you would have seen my wall of post its. Nyar. 

(Source: New York Magazine)

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